I'm intrigued but nervous; I've never been touched by another guy

This is a professional service and I offer complete respect.  My hands are strong but gentle and you will enjoy my touch for both services.  Most of my regulars return because a man knows another man's body better than a woman does.  And I can dig deeper and relieve tension without use of an elbow or tool.

What should I expect for my first massage?

When we first meet, I establish any areas of pain that you have and general needs from the massage.

I keep the room dimly lit, warm and serene. You enter the room and I leave you to undress. You climb onto the table face down and either cover with provided towels or wear loose clothing - jockstrap, underwear or shorts.

I enter the room and begin my massage once I've washed my hands and when you are comfortable.

What if I get excited?

Anything happens and it usually does.  It's entirely natural.  When we were young the wind got us excited.  It's natural that touch does, so don't be embarrassed.  I keep working on you and do not judge or think differently about you.  Don't be embarrassed.  And neither massage nor manscape can change who you are.

I'm not sure about shaving/I've heard wax is better

Whether we shave you smooth or wax you smooth is your choice.   Most choose the shaving since I get you very smooth and for less cost.  Your hair doesn't grow back any quicker based on the technique.  Wax costs more, so shaving is more economical, but it's ultimately up to you.

Is this safe during Covid?

I keep you as safe as I am able to.  I sanitize my room in between each session.  I use a solvent with bleach to clean the massage table and arm rests.  I change the linens and provide freshly laundered towels.

I am happy to wear a mask while working on you and am both vaccinated and boosted so am staying as healthy as I can.

Do you help with/understand medical conditions?

I regularly help men with medical conditions and continually learn how to help.  If you are diabetic, suffer from sciatica, need rehab, or suffer from severe arthritis, I can help.  Massage is great for lowering blood pressure, relieving pain, and hydrating skin.

My building has a couple of short steps and elevator that accommodates wheel chairs and medical equipment. 

I'm locked

You are locked and I am Alpha-approved.  You can come with key and I'll clean you up.  I'll relock you and send you home lighter and more pleasing to Alpha.  I'll own you once you get here and arrange with Alpha on what limits to impose.  You can even leave a spare key for next time.