I am in my early 50's and have been doing massage for nearly 20 years.  I am trained in the techniques that I use and have perfected them while bringing relief and relaxation to hundreds of men.

I maintain your discretion and provide a legitimate and professional level of service. For massage, I offer fresh towels for your to cover once on the table or you are free to wear loose clothing.

I began doing manscaping in 2010 when the media turned focus on metrosexuals. I had a couple of massage friends ask and the service was born. For manscaping, I use new razors on each client.

A hot shower and fresh towels are offered before and after every session. And my room is sanitized in between each session.

I am proud to call my clients a friend and I serve men of every type - whether you are white collar or blue collar,  athlete, actor, politician, CEO or someone still climbing life's ladder.  I provide the same level of discrete service and respect.